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"Association for Social Assistance nonprofit - 1901 Act" for short AAS of DAD TOHANGA OHIDI SYLVAIN & Son " reported to the sub-prefecture of Boulogne-sur-Mer, France, October 31, 2001, under No. W623000863 is a nonprofit organization that has as main purpose : develop solidarity between France and the Democratic Republic of Congo by supporting all material, financial and training local initiatives for economic integration and improvement of living conditions, particularly in health and social order of do more with the poor.

Thank you for your help, your support, your confidence and your support.

Mr. Patrick Prosper KUMA TOHANGA
Founding President of the Association for Social Assistance

Depuis 11 ans, Patrick Kuma ne pense qu'à soutenir la République démocratique du Congo


Salarié d'Eurotunnel, il crée des dizaines d'emplois dans son pays d'origine
Depuis 11 ans, Patrick Kuma ne pense qu'à soutenir la République démocratique du Congo.

Le 31 octobre 2001 est, pour Patrick Kuma, originaire de la République Démocratique du Congo, le point de départ d'une longue et belle aventure humaine, celle qui consiste à tout mettre en oeuvre pour aider le plus grand nombre de ses compatriotes à vivre du produit de leur travail.
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Independence rather than charity

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Solidarity with Africa 

suite This is also a NEW dixaine years that Patrick Kuma, Leulinghen-Bernes, ...
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Miss Julienne Osako a girl of 14 years
sponsored by Mrs. Christine Joan, to finance his studies at school Lodja / Kasai Oriental, Democratic Republic of Congo
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You will participate in a humanitarian

By buying an old table school with ink or a lot: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 etc. ...... or a lot of lingerie (€ 1 per kilo), you will participate in a humanitarian action is to develop solidarity between France and DRC by all supporting material, financial and training of local initiatives integration and economic improvement of living conditions, particularly in health and social order to do more with the poor.
Namely an invoice in due form is given to every customer.
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Dear Mrs. Tracy Middleton, Karen Hayes Dear Madam,

I will always have the fond memories of your kindness and your interest towards our Association for Social Assistance.
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First antenna in Kinshasa

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Activity: sewing and selling clothes.

Second antenna "Avenue site of the Revolution" Lodja / Kasai Oriental

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Activity: sewing and selling clothes.

Taxi in Kinshasa (Kinshasa) "

Click image to enlarge"Currently taxi drivers are working two and must be self-financing, the two vehicles: Peugeot 405 and Ford Sierra, properties of the antenna of our Association for Social Assistance in Kinshasa, were also sent from France as working tool especially for Taxi in Kinshasa (Kinshasa) ".

The cars arrived in Kinshasa, DRC January 2011

Click image to enlargeCars left the France on 24 November, our two vehicles: van Renault Master 24 places and Peugeot 605 of opportunity to leave the France they are the ship EUROCARGO EUROPA - GRIMALDI LINES to the port Maritime of Boma in the DRC.
They arrived in the DRC, they will start activities as soon as possible, the recruitment of the mechanics and drivers is launched.
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A container 40 feet (60 cubic meters)

It remains in the local area of Maie in Rinxent (62) / France, a huge container 40 feet (60 cubic meters) about to depart for Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo, stuffed with various goods: sewing machines pedal, electric, sergers, sewing thread reels, rolls of cloth and other ........... The cost of its delivery by the shipping company SDV in Loon Plage (59) / France amounted to € 14,000 (fourteen thousand euros). So you can still help us with a financial donation, a tax deductible receipt will then be presented: The container 40 feet, once arrived in Kinshasa in the DRC, will remain on site and will be converted into sewing.
"Your friendship is so precious to us is our strength. It is what gives us the energy to go further, to continue to innovate in the search for concrete answers to difficult living conditions made ​​our Congolese friends who like nothing if not dignified life of the fruit of their work and stubbornly refuse fate. A Chinese proverb says: Give a fish to poor, he eats for a day. Teach a man to fish and he eats every day. this well known Chinese proverb is the bottom of a philosophical option to follow on mutual between humans or between peoples ".
Thank you in advance for your generosity.

République Démocratique du Congo (RDC)

Solidarity between France and Democratic Republic of Congo.

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At the start ... September 2010

Click image to enlargeA ceremony, the blessing of the container 40 feet and last voyage of the fishing vessel by Father David Wilson before they left France to Kinshasa in Congo.

Call!! We are looking

Here in the region and for for our antenna of Kinshasa...
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Once upon a time ...

It all started on / / October 31, 2001 / /, with the founding of the welfare association not for profit "Dad and son Sylvain Tohanga Ohidi" whose avowed aim was to create a tailor shop and sales clothes in Kinshasa, capital of Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

Patrick Kuma Tohanga capita Leulinghen-Bernes, and originally from the Democratic Republic of Congo, requesting Mr. FASQUEL, Mayor of Leulinghen Bernes-to carry out humanitarian action in the Congo that deserves our attention and our help.

  Patrick has officially established a welfare association, called "Papa Tohanga Ohidi Sylvain and son" whose purpose is to generate employment in Kinshasa by creating a sewing workshop which will be managed by a Catholic priest Congolese.

  This workshop will consist of a foreman, ten dressmakers, two salespeople, a chief cashier, a representative and an accountant to whom a contract of employment in good standing will be offered.

Thanks to

Monsieur Nalu Patini : PDG de l'Etablissement Cheers " Wine & Beers" et mécène de notre Association
Madame Céline Lévis PDG de la société SRD à Rinxent
Monsieur Mantez  : directeur du magasin Cheers "Wine & Beers"
Monsieur Trotignon Jean-Pierre : Directeur Général Délégué d' Eurotunnel
Monsieur Sainson Pascal : Direction Division Navettes
Monsieur Fasquel Jacques : Maire de Leulinghen-Bernes
Monsieur Saint-Andre : Maire de Béthune
Rotary Club Calais Risban
Madame Beaumer Anne Marie : PDG Auto-Ecole à Marquise
Monsieur et Madame Harle Jacques : Gérants de garage automobile à Marquise
Monsieur Miquel Bernard : PDG le la société Miditex à Quelmes / Saint Omer
Madame Cornet : présidente de l'Association Pique et Presse & Cie Marquise
Le lycée Professionnel Mécanique Automobile , Professeur Clerc et ses élèves à Outreau
Monsieur Plard Bertrand : gérant de la société Calais Batterie
Monsieur Delattre Vincent : PDG de la société Prodentel à Marck
Monsieur Geneau Christophe : PDG de la société Brunet Dentelles à Calais
Monsieur Poly Xavier et Lecoutre Christophe : Gérants de la société Auto Courtage à Marquise
Monsieur et Madame Rivet
Monsieur Devin Nicolas : Technicien à Eurotunnel
Madame Middleton Tracey du Département de Lost Property Eurotunnel France/ England
Madame  Karen du Département de Lost Property Eurotunnel France/ England

et tous les généreux donateurs ...
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